Consumer Promotion & Activation

At 360 media solutions Awareness generation programs are designed with G – Local approach to make the target base understand that your product or service meets their needs. In addition, building awareness is integrated by and large with product trial or experience to do away with Target group’s perception of risk in purchasing the product.

Trial generation is often the first live encounter of the consumer with the brand. Getting the consumer to try the product is accorded high importance as it helps in breaking the initial barrier of the product’s entry into the consumption cycle. However, trial generation alone in isolation would not meet its objective and has to be coupled with persuasive delivery of the brand message to induce repeat sales. At 360 media solutions, we are guided by the same principle while designing effective trial generation programs for our clients.

Marketers today are increasingly waking up to the importance of consumer engagement in marketing. Be it FMCG or durables, marketers want their target audience to experience their brand and get involved. At 360 media solutions we understand our clients’ need for the same and offer customized solutions that enable them to engage their prospects and establish high brand recall.

We target messages & products directly to the people who need to hear/trail them. Whether it is on local, regional or national scale, we handle door to door, consumer contact & in-shop activations.

Managing the vast diversity and scatteredness is often the biggest challenge for brands aiming to enter into the rural markets. Reaching out to the target audience entails cost which shoots up heavily when the target group is widely dispersed. Rural congregation points like Haats, Mandis and Melas etc. provide cost effective marketing venues for brands to engage a large no. of prospects at a single point. However, even at these congregation points there are regional nuances and variations in the way the prospects behave and any effective campaign needs to consider the same. We, at 360 media solutions have over a decade long experience in designing and implementing marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients and bring along with us rich source of learning and on ground understanding of these congregation points.