Planning & Market Research

A strong strategy backed by effective creative implementation is a prerequisite for the success of a campaign. Creativity coupled with a promise of high brand visibility is the hallmark of our brand promotions strategy. The range of creative content is not just limited to visualization and designing of brand communication tool, retail branding displays, stall designs, marketing collaterals etc. but also writing scripts for events, punch lines for campaigns and other similar creative implementations.

Media Planning at 360 media solutions is guided by three basic principles of Reach, Frequency & Continuity. In our media planning efforts we ensure that the maximum number of target audience are reached continually and at optimal intervals so that the message is sustained.

As an essential element to strengthen strategy for brands, we conduct market studies varying from consumer understanding, strategy research, communication research, image studies or campaign evaluation etc. for brands/companies aiming to expand or penetrate into rural markets.

In practice, development & marketing are both about modifying individual/ group behavior – one in the society & the other in the market place. 360 media solutions with experiential insights of the rural consumer & community behavior handles social marketing campaigns of various organizations & brands. Mobilization of opinion is achieved through community programs like Mahila Baithaks, Farmer contacts, School contacts, Medical – camps &Transport Nagar programs etc.