Trade promotion Activition

Brand awareness and promotions by themselves do not lead to success in the rural if the product is not available in the rural markets. Reaching the last mile in distribution, however, is a cumbersome task beset with many challenges. We help our clients expand their distribution channel by identifying uncovered retail outlets in the target territories and enrolling them with attractive baits thereby helping our clients to expand their reach in the rural markets.

A well crafted distribution strategy concentrates on activating the channel partners at multiple touch points. At 360 media solutions we understand our clients’ need for the same and therefore apart from retail seeding programs we undertake wholesale activation programs for our clients in the target markets which directly benefit the brand by escalated sales. The program encourages higher stock lifts by the wholesaler and energizes trade among retailers visiting the wholesaler through attractive schemes. This leads to stock pick up in large quantities leading to mobilization of the product thereby increasing sales.

360 media solutions communications undertakes structured marketing efforts in the form of Loyalty programs that encourage local buying by providing suitable reward for the same. Through such activities we provide long term sustainable growth options that help our clients expand their business.

360 media solutions specializes in creating high end merchandising products that are not only attractive, but also communicate brand message to the consumers. We customize merchandising solutions to ‘fit’ each client’s needs. Whether a client wants to launch new product, beat out the competition, or reposition the brand image –

we have the creative answer to each situation. Some of our unique offerings include :
• Points of purchase, Isle & Case displays
• In-store promotional materials
• Interactive displays
• Tables, Tents & Umbrellas
• Hangings & Stand alone signage etc.